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Vidyard Changes the Content Game | Michael Litt

It’s been three years since we caught up with Vidyard’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Litt, so we’ve pulled him into the AQ studio to discuss the dramatic growth and success of the five-year-old start-up. We start with the facts on what Vidyard does, how they do it and how their clients are benefiting. Michael and Alan discuss the challenges that present themselves as the Vidyard team grows. Michael notes that the employee head count isn’t their measure of success, but how happy and focused the employees are within Vidyard’s culture.

Vidyard recently moved their headquarters into the downtown Kitchener, Ontario core. Michael thinks it’s important to create a positive impact in the community so Vidyard is donating time and resources through their “Plugin” initiative.


When Vidyard began their journey, video was not high on the marketer’s checklist.  Video has since boomed, resulting in new competitors, so Michael explains how Vidyard stays innovative in the bigger, busier market. He discusses the integration of his new chief operating officer, describing why they chose to hire a COO and how the company culture is affected. Michael also shares his predictions for the future of marketing with video, including the rise of virtual reality. We close by having Michael share his advice for entrepreneurs entering the start-up world.  





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About Our Guest

Michael Litt is the co-founder and chief executive officer at Vidyard, an intelligence platform helping marketers make the most out of video. He is highly awarded, receiving Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award and getting listed in Marketing Magazine’s 30 Under 30, just to name two. Michael studied at the University of Waterloo, receiving a BASc. in Systems Design Engineering.