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Marketing Advice for Start-ups to Become Stay-ups | April Dunford

She’s the CEO of, a marketing mentor and angel investor who started her hurricane of entrepreneurial activities by studying engineering. In this episode of AQ’s Blog & Grill, April Dunford shares her experience from engineer to marketing greatness. 
April finds that most start-ups struggle with their positioning statements. They either follow the fill-in-the-blank, Frankenstein-style model, or they don’t create one at all. To help, April breaks down the top four types of positioning statements and shares a new way for crafting them. 

Alan and April discuss marketing strategy vs. tactics, creating the right metrics and shifting your mindset from selling to helping your customer buy.  Becoming a “stay-up” isn’t an easy road, so April provides her top three marketing strategies start-ups should follow to find success.
“In theory, everything is possible,” April says. “But I live in practice, and the road to theory has been washed out”.



About Our Guest

April Dunford studied engineering at the University of Waterloo but happens to be a B2B marketing guru. She has a history of helping to bring start-ups to success and assisting large corporations to launch new products. April is currently the CEO of, an agile project management tool, and the founder of Rocket Launch Marketing.