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LeftStuff is Making Memories with Guided Storytelling | Bernadette Butler

Bernadette Butler joins Alan Quarry to discuss her emerging company, LeftStuff. (No, this isn’t an eCommerce platform for left handed folk.) After the passing of her grandmother, Bernadette was disappointed that there was a lack in video, photos, and memorabilia of the lost, loved family member. This inspired her to create a guided storytelling platform where anyone has the ease and capability to record stories that matter. 

After testing this idea with her father, she decided to run with the new concept and build a business around it. In this episode Bernadette describes her entrepreneurial journey, including the struggles of launching a startup while raising two young children and being a business woman in a “man’s world”. Alan and Bernadette also discuss the importance of making money vs. raising money, what sets a great pitch apart, and how startups tend to evolve as time and economy changes.

About Our Guest

Bernadette Butler is the CEO and founder of LeftStuff, a tool that makes recording a story on video easy for everyone. Bernadette has a strong branding and communications background, with experience at Quarry Integrated Communications and experience in marketing with Bell Mobility. She had a slew of awards under her belt including several Lotus Awards for her advertising work. Bernadette is currently based in Vancouver where she is growing her business, LeftStuff.