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Jamie Gutfreund Brands Wunderman From the Inside Out | Wunderman CMO Jamie Gutfreund

“If an organization understands the behaviors of a younger generation, it’s a way to be future proof”, Jamie says. “It’s a way to understand the way the world is going and to see how you need to make changes”. She unpacks this quote for us, saying that Wunderman works to understand its clients’ consumers first and foremost.

Jamie and Alan also discuss the influx of millennials in the workforce and how organizations must shift their cultures appropriately. Jamie shares her top three tips for millennials entering the workforce, including “be comfortable being uncomfortable”.


As the new global chief marketing officer of Wunderman, Jamie Gutfreund joins us to discuss her role and the challenges that come with it. Ad agencies often struggle to market and brand themselves, so Jamie shares the steps Wunderman is taking to ensure all 7,000+ employees become evangelists for the agency.

Jamie notes its positioning, “Creatively Driven, Data Inspired”, and how the collision of creative brains and data brains creates a cohesive unit - the “yin and yang” of Wunderman.



About Our Guest

Jamie Gutfreund is the global chief marketing officer at Wunderman. She leads the agency’s global marketing and communications initiatives. She is a frequent public speaker and writer providing commentary on youth culture and millennial marketing strategies with publishers such as AdWeek, CNBC, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. Before joining Wunderman, Jamie was chief marketing officer at Deep Focus and chief strategy officer at The Intelligence Group.