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How Technology Is Transforming The Brand Experience | Norm Clare

Norm Clare of Quarry Integrated Communications joins Alan to share his insight into key technologies that are shaking up brands in this era of digital transformation. Norm is the VP of Marketing Technology Strategy and as Alan puts it, is a great synthesizer of what technology could do and what it actually does.

Norm speaks to the buyer’s journey and how technology is changing how brands connect with customers, gather data and create meaningful experiences. 

He explains the power of branded top-level domains and how brands can portray a sense of authority and safety in this transformative opportunity.   Norm praises the new wave of mobile technologies that give the user a sense of control and deep engagement with brands. He shares a few examples of brands he feels are doing this right, including FedEx, Fitbit and, of course, Uber. Norm and Alan discuss RFIDs (Radio-Frequency Identification) and the IoT world, touching on personal data and how it can be used for or against the user.


About Our Guest

Norm Clare is VP of Marketing Technology Strategy at Quarry Integrated Communications and has been part of the company for over 20 years. He has a BA in Economics and Computer Science from Western University and specializes in modern digital marketing techniques.