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Building a Successful Social Media Centred Business | Jane Barkley

From personal brand to event media, Jane Barkley – founder and CEO of IM@Events – ­is a powerhouse of marketing talents. Jane joins Alan in this episode of AQ’s Blog & Grill to share her path to success and how others can do the same.

Jane founded IM@Events after uncovering a need in the event industry to produce and execute event coverage from front to back. IM@Events provides full digital media coverage of events and conferences across southern Ontario, building buzz and creating a path for customer service. It also offers social media education to empower clients to maintain their social tactics in-house.



Alan and Jane discuss the skills that make up today's social media marketer. They call on the dangers of putting youth in charge simply because of the assumption that it’s “their world”. Jane touches on social media myths, the most popular being “content is king”. She challenges this notion by stating that the community is in fact the King of your social media realm and is the driver of your content's success.

Developing a personal brand? Jane suggests making video a key player in your strategy. Even if you don’t post anything online, filming yourself discussing your passions is an effective tool to find confidence in your voice and discover your “edge”. She shares the key traits she looks for in hiring and what she believes makes a successful social media marketer, as well as common mistakes marketers make when starting out.

About Our Guest

Jane Barkley is the founder and CEO of IM@Events, a go-to event marketing firm in Kitchener, Canada, founded in 2013. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with an Honours in English Literature from the University of Waterloo. Jane is also a writer, speaker, YouTube vlogger, community builder and Social Media Professor at Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning.