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5 Keys to Successful Live Video Streaming | Brian Fanzo

Just in case you missed the memo, traditional brand marketing has officially taken a back seat. Audiences want authenticity, transparency and “right-time” marketing. So who are you going to call to perfect your strategy as the digital platforms constantly change? Our suggestion: Brian Fanzo. As Chief Social Media Officer at MyChannel Inc and founding partner of Backlamp LLC, Brian always has his finger on the pulse of new technologies and platforms to reach your audience the way they want to be reached. 

This year, live video is the game-changer. Live video allows us to scale relationships and build trust. But it’s more than hitting a button and chatting away. You still need to have a strategy. Brian, who is connecting to us for this interview while visiting SXSW, provides us with his 5 keys to a successful live video stream. He also gives tips to creating a strong digital footprint with every marketing move you make. Alan and Brian discuss the quick demise of Meerkat, the 24-hour lifespan of Periscope and the large reach of Facebook live.

Brian makes the point that we must constantly collaborate by sharing information and bridging audiences to keep up with the rate of change found in digital marketing today. 

About Our Guest

Brian Fanzo is the Chief Social Media Officer at MyChannel Inc and the founding partner of Backlamp LLC. Brian is the proud father of three girls, a social media specialist and technology evangelist.  As a keynote speaker, Brian shares his knowledge on millennial leadership, digital storytelling, personal branding and the power of community.