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Advancing Public Health Outcomes Through Information Technology | Michael Popovich

 As the health industry undergoes a digital transformation, Michael states the key factor that sets IT firms apart: having an anthropologist on their team. This also relates to a current challenge many IT companies face: applying the right technology to the specific objective and human need. “The mission has a higher value than the technology,” Michael adds.

Michael also remarks on the future of the public health industry and STC’s role in what’s to come.




Michael Popovich, CEO of STC (Scientific Technologies Corporation), came on AQ's Blog & Grill to discuss the changes in information technology and how they can be used to save lives. STC began as an IT company in the consulting realm, but after a design consult for an immunization registry had them building the software themselves, the firm wound up deep in the public health industry.

Michael shares impactful stories of how information technology and data can and has been used to create real-time, real-world change. In 2005, when Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana, STC saved millions of taxpayer dollars and likely many lives with their immunization registry. This was the first time the United States had an integrated, countrywide electronic health record.


Michael Popovich is the Chief Executive Officer and sits on the Board of Directors for STC. Michael has been listed in Who’s Who Worldwide, Platinum edition, received numerous awards, authored over 120 articles and papers, and is a regular invited guest speaker at national conferences. He founded Scientific Technologies Corporation in 1988. Michael has over 30 years of experience in management and implementation of IT solutions that address challenges in public health and environmental health. He received his MS in Systems Engineering and BS in Engineering Mathematics from the University of Arizona.