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Working with Major Talent to Create Original Content on all Platforms | Rob Barnett

Rob Barnett is a pioneer in the media world, bringing audiences entertainment on the platforms they crave. The founder of Omnivision Entertainment and My Damn Channel joins Alan to discuss the past, present and future of branded content. With a history working at MTV, VH1 and then taking an entrepreneurial route in media, Rob’s true passion lies in providing talented entertainers with the right platform to achieve success. When YouTube was merely an infant in diapers, Rob Barnett launched My Damn Channel, a platform to bring original online comedy direct to the audience without the red tape from networks in the way.

Rob brought together great talents Harry Shearer, Don Was and David Wain to launch the indie channel and eventually opened the doors to discover and launch fresh talents like Grace Helbig (Daily Grace), reaching audiences as significant and large as television. Alan and Rob discuss the rise of Grace Helbig and how she was one of the first internet stars to build a unique relationship between artist and audience that was consistent and dedicated. They also debate the future of branded content and if we will ever get tired of video now that anyone can be their own producer. Rob Barnett wraps up the discussion by providing us with three things publishers should consider to achieve media success in this new age of communications.

About Our Guest

Rob Barnett is the founder of Omnivision Entertainment and My Damn Channel, a multi-platform media company working with established and emerging talent and major brands to create premium content in all outlets. Rob produces innovative, original content for TV, film, radio and the web. He has created content with diverse communicators including former President Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, The Rolling Stones, Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla and more. For over a decade, Rob was a production and programming executive at MTV and VH1 and he was President of Programming for CBS Radio.