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From Winnipeg to WordStream – How Larry Kim Built a Booming Business in Search Marketing | WordStream's Larry Kim

As his workload grew, he began to write software programs that eased his consulting responsibilities. Fast-forward six years, Larry’s company, WordStream, employs hundreds in the Boston area, has tens of thousands of customers, and has been named by Google as an AdWords Premier Partner. Alan and Larry discuss the “why’s” of starting a business, the challenges around “vulture” capitalists, and the entrepreneurial myths that need busting. Larry wraps up by providing advice to emerging startups and entrepreneurs. 

How does a young guy from Winnipeg become the founder of the leading search marketing software company? Answer: A lot of hard work, an undying drive for success and a lot of time spent working with the free wifi at Panera Bread. Larry Kim joins us to share his story of going from a University of Waterloo student to building a successful business that manages over half a billion dollars in ad revenue worldwide. After discovering the power of AdWords through a previous career, Larry decided to take his new-found skills to the next level by advising clients on how to efficiently manage their online ad spend. 

About Our Guest

Larry Kim is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of WordStream, Inc., which is the leading provider of Adwords, Facebook and keyword tools used by over a million marketers worldwide. Larry is a top columnist at “Inc. Magazine, Search Engine Land, Social Media Examiner and is a regular contributor to The WordStream Blog. Larry has many awards under his belt, including “Most Influential PPC Expert” three years running, and Search Marketer of the Year at the 2015 US Search Awards.