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X: The Experience When Business Meets Design | Author Brian Solis

Top digital analyst, futurist and award-winning author, Brian Solis joins Alan to share the inspirations and aspirations behind his new book, X: The Experience When Business Meets Design. Brian's major influence for the book comes from Joseph Pine and James Gilmore’s article-turned-book, The Experience Economy (1999). Brian notes that well over a decade later, their points on customer experience are still valid—customers want experiences, not products or services.

Brian depicts the framework for experience architecture and how one can become an experience architect. Brian discusses data-artistry and how we must not dehumanize data. We must use data to tell a story and humanize who we are trying to reach. Brian also explains the technique of Hollywood Storyboarding to build a narrative so people can have the best brand experience.


About Our Guest

Brian Solis is a sought-after keynote speaker, an award-winning author, and the Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group (a Prophet company). Brian is a trail blazer in digital transformation, innovation, digital lifestyles, and connected consumerism. He shares his insights in his writings with AdAge, Wired, VentureBeat and on his personal blog at Brian also hosts an online video series titled Revolution where he examines technology, trends and more with thought leaders from around the globe.