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Why Public Relations is Alive and Well | Melissa Durrell

There are many skeptics out there who believe that public relations is a dead industry. Experts, like our guest Melissa Durrell, know better. Yes, the digital age is transforming the landscape of public relations, but that doesn’t mean any Joe Blow off the street can get your word out like a PR expert can. A self-proclaimed “news junkie and political wonk”, Melissa joins us to discuss the importance of public relations and why every brand needs to have a strategy. 

In 2015, the marketing word of the year was ‘content’, so brands everywhere jumped on the content-creation train hoping for an increase in brand awareness and, ultimately, sales. However, Melissa notes that if no one is reading your content, what’s the point? This is just one area of the spectrum that shows having a PR strategy is critical. Melissa also shares tips on crisis communication; giving a pitch that will grab the attention of investors; the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur and advice for people looking to work in public relations.

About Our Guest

Melissa Durrell is the President of Durrell Communications, a boutique public relations agency in Waterloo, Ontario. As a trusted mentor and award-winning communications expert, Melissa works with hundreds of startups, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists across Canada with their communications strategies. Melissa’s passion for community is shown daily in her work as a City Councilor.