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Simplifying Complex Data & Creating Conscious Communities | Focus21's Ilya Peskov

Ilya Peskov, CEO of Focus21 joins Alan Quarry to discuss his Waterloo Region startup, which specializes in simplifying complex data for clear understanding and visualization. In this episode, Ilya shares the benefits of building a business within Waterloo’s startup ecosystem and discusses the importance of finding the right team members to lead your company to success. 

One of the notable projects that Focus21 has created is "Watr", a software platform that connects cities and residents, inspiring them to be conscious about water consumption using gamification and data science. Ilya explains how they are connecting Watr with municipalities such as Guelph, Ontario and creating socially responsible communities. Ilya also provides advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, stating “being an entrepreneur is not cool for 99% of the time”.

About Our Guest

Ilya Peskov is the CEO of Focus21, a data based startup located in the Waterloo Region. Ilya’s passion lies in taking clients’ ideas from the drawing board to life with a strong focus on user experience and design. Focus21 made headlines in the world of big data by creating an interactive platform that compares a range of data from municipalities including crime, health and economy. This work was done for the World Council on City Data, part of the Global Cities Institute at the University of Toronto, and was unveiled at the Big Ideas for Cities conference in Los Angeles in 2015.