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Using Video Marketing to Drive Revenue | Jeff Gadway of Vidyard

Jeff Gadway, Director of Product Marketing at Vidyard, joins Alan to discuss the success of Vidyard and how it can help your business achieve a successful video marketing strategy. Jeff speaks about the major differences between working in his previous position at BlackBerry, and working in the much smaller company, Vidyard. 

Jeff talks to Alan about how important video is to a business's marketing strategy, and how Vidyard's rich analytics help companies use video to drive revenue. He discusses what makes great video content and the different types of video that can be used throughout the sales funnel, and also shares what is next for Vidyard.

About Our Guest

Jeff Gadway is a driven marketer fueled by passion and curiosity. He loves working with people and companies who, like him, want to make a mark on the world. He approaches marketing as storytelling and he is fascinated by figuring out how all the pieces (product, market, strategy, customer insight) can be brought together to tell the most simple, compelling story that will have customers take notice and be moved to act.