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Transitioning Into the Age of the Sale | Creative Communicator Mike Tennant

Creative communicator Mike Tennant, co-author of The Age of Persuasion and host of the CBC show, joins Alan to discuss the transition between persuasion and the Age of Sale. In an era of short attention spans, how critical is video to branding and communications? Mike explains his perspective and gives a great example of why customers need psychological satisfaction. 

Mike articulates the impossible task of directing a brand. He says the first lesson is to get out of the way and let customers build their feelings around the brand. Mike and Alan also discuss the obligation between customer expectations and brand delivery. This began in theatres when ads were being shown to movie-goers. How does it affect a feeling and relationship with the customer and the brand?

About Our Guest

Mike Tennant has been enjoying the world of writing and journalism since he was 14 and worked as a reporter for his local newspaper. He has since created hundreds of campaigns for clients in the U.S. and Canada, has won many awards, produced and co-wrote two massively popular CBC Radio series (The Age of Persuasion and O’Reilly on Advertising), and co-wrote a bestselling book based on The Age of Persuasion.