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The Easy Way to Manage Payroll | Wagepoint CEO Shrad Rao

Shrad Rao, CEO of Wagepoint, explains what makes his new payroll software different, and why small businesses are snatching it up. Wagepoint strives to be the friendliest team in the world. Shrad shares his philosophy on leading and having excellent team effectiveness, despite having many employees who work from home. 

Wagepoint looks to add more features and services like an employee perks program, and like a good entrepreneur, Shrad says they can't wait to grow. "We're looking for our next 1000, 5000 customers.”

About Our Guest

Shrad Rao is the CEO of Wagepoint, an all-in-one payroll solution filled with features that make it easy for businesses small and large to manage their payroll. Wagepoint has garnered well over 500 customers and recently launched in the U.S. In 2015, Wagepoint won the Silver Stevie Award for Sales and Customer Service.