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Seeing a Return on Investment in Innovation | GainX Founder Angelique Mohring

Angelique Mohring, founder of GainX, speaks with Alan about innovation management and how large corporations can see a return on their investment in innovation. Angelique shares her experience in an accelerator program and explains the incredible advantages her team has seen as a result of putting themselves in the incubator ecosystem. 

 She also chats about the importance of finding the right business partner, how Guy Kawasaki influenced her naming of the company, and provides advice for young entrepreneurs.

About Our Guest

Angelique Mohring is the founder and CEO of GainX Inc., an award winning global software firm that is leading the charge of business innovation. She is a public speaker, speaking to companies such as Intel, IBM, Goldman Sachs and Google on innovation and open thinking. Angelique was recently nominated as one of Canada’s most influential women, and she won an award for her work in Health, Science and Technology at the 2014 Women of Waterloo Region Awards.