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Revolutionizing the Wine Industry Through Technology | POET Co-Founders Chase Denomme & Matt Neill

POET (Point of Experience Technology) is an app platform for wineries, created by Chase Denomme and Matt Neill, that provides an interactive experience to customers. In this AQ’s Blog & Grill episode, Chase and Matt share their stories of how they came together, and how Matt was inspired to create the app while going 

through the REAP (Research Entrepreneurs Accelerating Prosperity) program. The co-founders are now part of Accelerator Centre’s Jumpstart program, so they describe their experiences and tell us how it has shaped them as entrepreneurs.

About Our Guests

POET Retail (Point of Experience Technology) is an interactive digital display solution aimed at informing customers about products before they make a purchase. The startup was founded by Chase Denomme and Matt Neill in 2014 and won Best of Integrated Media at Toronto’s Digifest in the same year.