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Mobile Apps are the New Wave of How We Work | Glow Strategic Founder Sylwia Glowik

Entrepreneur and founder of Glow Strategic, Sylwia Glowik, joins Alan Quarry to discuss the benefits of integrating mobile apps and gamification into your brand strategy. Sylwia, whose mobile app experience comes from working with BlackBerry and Mosaic, describes how mobile applications are the next wave of how we work and how we engage with clients, both B2B and B2C. 

She shares examples of successful gamification and mobile app integration, and explains how this can help companies build brand affinity. Sylwia also speaks to avoiding risk when engaging offshore talent and bringing those offshore skills and opportunities to local clients.

About Our Guest

Sylwia Glowik founded her company Glow Strategic in early 2015. Previously she worked with Mosaic Sales Solutions in experiential marketing and at BlackBerry as an advanced accessories product marketing manager. Glow Strategic, develops mobile apps and specializes in brand experience, commerce, event management, enterprise CRM apps and web design.