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Growing Your Business Through Channel Partnerships | RENOMii Co-Founders Kara Smith & Scott Barker

Scott Barker and Kara Smith, recent graduates of the Accelerator Centre, join Alan to discuss their startup RENOMii and its new addition, MiiCasa. RENOMii is a change order management system that helps homeowners and contractors to collaborate during a renovation process. MiiCasa is an interactive selections software used between condo developers and purchasers to save time and administration fees. 

The co-founders talk about what it was like being a part of the Accelerator Centre, and how listening to their customers inspired them to create MiiCasa. They talk about how they are growing their business by securing funding and building channel partnerships. They also discuss the challenges they've faced, how they overcame them, and what's next for their company.

About Our Guest

RENOMii is a software system that tracks changes by contractors and clients, simplifying the renovation change process. RENOMii was founded by Scott Barker and Kara Smith in 2012. The duo quickly joined the Accelerator Program in Waterloo, Ontario to help build and grow their startup and graduated from the program in 2015. They have since launched an additional platform, MiiCasa, a colour selections software for condo developers and buyers.