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Finding Success in a Startup Accelerator | TrafficSoda Co-Founder Jessica Chalk

Jessica Chalk, co-founder of TrafficSoda, talks about starting her business, meeting her co-founders and finding complementary skills when building her team. Jessica loves online marketing, and went to the Accelerator Centre when it was time to start her business. 

She shares experiences working with the Accelerator Centre and the benefits of having a strong community to help her startup grow. Jessica discusses the need for passion in entrepreneurship, while also listening to your market and surrounding yourself with mentors.

About Our Guest

Jessica Chalk is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University's Lazardis School of Business & Economics. She is a motivated and energetic team leader with a love of entrepreneurship, digital marketing and philanthropy. Jessica is the co-founder and CEO of TrafficSoda, a company that helps online marketers achieve the power to drive organic, targeted web traffic to their website.