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Plum is the Moneyball for Hiring | Co-Founder Caitlin MacGregor co-founder Caitlin MacGregor joins Alan to discuss her start-up which is revolutionizing the way organizations hire. Plum allows employers to screen candidates at the beginning of the hiring process. This significantly reduces time spent reading resumes, interviewing the wrong candidates and training hires that don’t fit. Employers can gain a competitive advantage. By using Plum's big data and analytics it produces a scientifically-proven method of predicting future outcomes.

They screen for three key attributes: personality, problem solving and social effectiveness. The software even helped the start-up find their co-founder! Job seekers can use Plum too. It's free to take the Plum Discovery Assessment and use the customized results to promote your attributes and abilities.

About Our Guest

Caitlin MacGregor is the founder and CEO of, a pre-employment assessment tool and hiring solution that identifies job applicants with the highest potential and matches them to a company’s culture. Caitlin has lead to winning the 2015 Gold Stevie International Business Award for Best New Product/Service for Human Capital Management Solutions.