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Understanding Buyer Personas & Behaviour | Marketing Strategist Tony Zambito

Our AQ’s Blog & Grill guest in this episode is Tony Zambito, thought leader in deep buyer personas. Tony discusses his journey into the study of buyer personas, and how businesses can understand their buyers on a deeper level. He touches on content marketing and marketing automation, and advises marketers to think about multiple

buying scenarios when strategizing the buyer experience, as it is not one size fits all. We are currently in a buyer revolution, he says, with digital technology changing the way business is conducted. Businesses need to work hard to keep up with that fast changing pace.

About Our Guest

Tony Zambito is the founder and leading authority in buyer personas for B2B Marketing. He holds a B.S. in business and an M.B.A in marketing management. He is known for establishing the first buyer persona development methodology designed specifically for B2B marketing and sales. Tony has also written several eBooks including 10 Rules of Buyer Persona Development and A Matter of Choice: How B2B Buyers Choose in Today’s Complex Markets.