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The Future of Content Marketing | B2B Marketing Insider Author Michael Brenner

In this episode of AQ’s Blog & Grill, Michael Brenner, VP of marketing and content strategy at SAP, discusses the past, present and future of content marketing. Is this simply a phase, or has content marketing merely transformed as social media came into play? Michael talks about the difference between effective and ineffective content, and provides tips to marketers looking to prove ROI on content marketing.

He discusses what makes a great thought-leader and the top three thought-leaders he is following right now. Michael and Alan also chat about what might happen in the future with content marketing and social media.

About Our Guest

Michael Brenner is currently head of strategy at NewsCred and previously vice president, marketing and content strategy at SAP. He is a results-driven, strategic marketing executive with more than 20 years of experience in marketing and sales. He is also a frequent speaker at marketing and leadership events, a contributor to The Economist, Forbes, The Guardian, and a blogger at B2B Marketing Insider.