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Seeing Beauty in Forgotten Things | Artist Paul Kalbfleisch

Entrepreneur and Artist Paul Kalbfleisch speaks with Alan about how he transitioned from big business to being a successful artist. Paul, through Art Under Us, finds exquisitely beautiful manhole covers and often overlooked structures in cities around the world and photographs them, elevating them from below our feet to display in beauty. 

Despite being the photographer for this project, he calls himself a curator, and says the creators of these manholes and objects are the true artists. In this episode, Paul shares his insight into seeing the uniqueness and beauty in forgotten things. 

About Our Guest

Paul Kalbfleisch is a marketing executive and principal at Paul Consulting Inc. He also runs a photo-based blog titled Art Under Us, where Paul shares the beauty and originality that lie beneath our feet or in everyday objects and architecture that generally go unnoticed.