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Keys to Running a Successful Restaurant | Charcoal Group CEO Jody Palubiski

Restaurateur Jody Palubiski chats with Alan about what makes a restaurant successful. He discusses how, as managing partner of the Charcoal Group, he values having face-to-face interaction with guests, building relationships with them, and being interwoven in the community where his restaurants reside. Jody and Alan talk about craft beer, the modern beer bar, and how people are looking for something extraordinary in their dining experience these days. 

Jody discusses the importance of having great staff and how their low staff turnover is due to the Charcoal Group making the retention of great people a top priority. The Charcoal Group includes Charcoal Steakhouse, Del Dente, Moose Winooski's, Wildcraft, The Bauer Kitchen and Beertown, with several locations all over Ontario.

About Our Guest

Jody Palubiski has been the CEO and managing partner of the Charcoal Group since 2003. Jody helped lead the Charcoal Group to developing the Wildcraft Grill Bar in 2007, The Bauer Kitchen in 2009 and Beertown Public House in 2012, with many of the restaurants having several locations around Ontario.