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Investing in Startups | Angel Investor Michael Stork

Entrepreneur and angel investor, Michael Stork, is known for being a dedicated investor in the Waterloo Region startup community. In 2013, he was name Angel of the Year by the Golden Triangle Angel Network. In this episode of AQ’s Blog & Grill, Mike talks about selling his family company, Unitron Hearing, and how it sparked his passion for investing. 

He discusses his love for the Waterloo Region startup ecosystem, highlighting the Accelerator Centre, and the successful companies that have come out of it so far. Mike shares what he looks for in a company when thinking about investing, and provides advice for startups looking for investment.

About Our Guest

Michael Stork is a Wilfrid Laurier University Business graduate who devotes a considerable amount of time to non-profit organizations. He has been active in the business community for more than 30 years. After a successful exit with his family-owned business, Unitron Hearing, his love for investing skyrocketed. He is now an avid angel investor, participating mostly in Waterloo Region startups.