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Bringing Passion to your Work | TEDtalks Speaker Larry Smith

TEDtalks speaker Larry Smith chats with Alan about pursuing your passion, creating your own future, and bringing that passion to your work every day. Larry discusses the fallacy of the popular phrase "Fail fast, Fail often”, proposing instead that innovation and creativity are merely a product of thinking strategically. 

Alan and Larry discuss what it means to be a thoughtful entrepreneur, citing examples of business leaders who want to change the world, and are accomplishing that goal by using a thoughtful approach. They also discuss the differences between notable business leaders Steve Jobs, Donald Trump and Richard Branson.

About Our Guest

Larry Smith is an adjunct associate professor of economics at the University of Waterloo and is well-known for his Tedtalks on ‘Why you will fail to have a great career’. Larry is an advocate for youth leadership, mentoring many of his students on startup business management and career development. Larry specializes in forecasting and the economics of innovation.