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Engaging with your Audience & The Importance of User Experience | PumpUp Co-Founders Garrett Gottlieb and Phil Jacobson

Garrett Gottlieb and Phil Jacobson, founders of fitness app PumpUp, speak with Alan Quarry of AQ's Blog & Grill about the stages of creating a great product, staying relevant, using social media to engage your audience, and using brand-to-customer communication.

PumpUp is a personalized workout coach that helps its users achieve better health through weight loss and gaining muscle, by providing them with increasingly difficult custom workouts.  PumpUp works with Personal Trainers to maintain high quality expertise within the app. Gottlieb and Jacobson focus on user experience and feedback in order to move forward.

About Our Guest

Founded by Garrett Gottlieb and Phil Jacobson in 2012, PumpUp is a fitness app that provides a safe and supportive space to share your journey toward a healthy body and a healthy mind. The app holds over 2 million users who share photos, fitness goals, meals and fitness tracking. Users can simply customize the app which will create personalized workouts that suit the user's fitness level, goals, time frames and more.