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Achieving Your Desired Future | Natalie MacNeil “She Takes On The World”

Natalie MacNeil of "She Takes on the World" and "The Conquer Club" is our first entrepreneur guest on AQ's Blog & Grill. In this Q&A she shares her thoughts on running your business in today's world, how to co-operate and compete in today's marketplace and how this can lead to success as an entrepreneur. She provides valuable insights on what holds business people back from success, how to visualize and how to achieve your desired future.

Alan and Natalie discuss work-life integration, strategies for success in health and wellness, and what she learned from Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg and her bestselling book, "Lean In". Natalie also reveals the secret to getting over your fears as a business person in order to find success in entrepreneurship.

About Our Guest

Natalie MacNeil is an Emmy Award-winning media entrepreneur, bestselling author, globetrotter, and creator of Her expertise has been featured in Glamour, People StyleWatch, Forbes, Inc., ForbesWoman, Wall Street Journal, CNN,, Globe and Mail, Mashable, and more. Natalie excels at providing women with articles, advice and resources to start or grow a business.