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Achieving Success as a Startup | Bufferbox Founder Mike McCauley

Entrepreneur and BufferBox CEO Mike McCauley speaks with Alan Quarry on AQ's Blog & Grill about the idea for BufferBox and what it was like prototyping the very first BufferBox in his University engineering class. Mike achieved great success with BufferBox, eventually selling it to Google.

He discusses the traits he believes are necessary to be successful in business, the importance of building a solid team around you, and having the ability to execute on your ideas. He also talks about the two biggest fears entrepreneurs need to overcome to build successful businesses; Fear of Failure and Fear of the Unknown.

About Our Guest

While in his final year of engineering at the University of Waterloo, Mike McCauley co-founded the startup BufferBox, which designed, produced and deployed self-serve, automated parcel pickup kiosks. BufferBox was awarded the 2012 Velocity Venture Fund one year after its founding, and soon after was acquired by Google for a reported $17 million.