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Be a Shift Disturber

As biz folks, you and I live in a world of hyperloop speed change.  And, yes, I do believe Elon Musk's invention will get people from San Fran to LA in less than an hour!

So here's the deal.  We can choose to relax in our comfort zones, confident that we will be “okay” as the future unfolds.  We can choose to believe that the ways we have done things in the past are “time-tested and proven”.  We can choose to play it safe.

Sure, we can choose to think that way.

But we’d be crazy to.


Because that choice will leave us as roadkill on the economic autobahn. Hesitate on the highway? Roadkill. 

Ladies and gentlemen, whether you’re comfortable with it or not, the shift has already hit the fan. The millennials are racing ahead with new businesses, rocking the new technologies, networking, collaborating, creating the new world. Forget the product-driven economy. It’s all about customer experiences. Even our currency is moving towards bitcoin and the Blockchain Revolution. Get ready. 

You already know media broadcasting has now fallen behind narrowcasting. YouTube is getting more views than cable TV. And who watches the TV screen anymore, anyway? No one under 30. According to a recent study by Miner & Co. Studio, tablets and smartphones are replacing television as kids’ screen of choice.

Disruption and transformation are the buzz terms now. These words get thrown around in boardrooms and at strategic planning off-sites all the time. But it’s often just lip service. Many directors and executives are balking at actually changing their own orgs. They prefer to react rather than pro-act.

You need to disturb your shift. No one’s saying it’s easy. But then being successful isn’t easy either.