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7 Key Takeaways from Gary Vaynerchuk's #Inbound16 Keynote

7 Key Takeaways from Gary Vaynerchuk's #Inbound16 Keynote

Inbound 2016 was electric upon its opening day as over 15,000 people gathered in Boston to experience a week of energizing keynotes, breakout sessions and entertainment. After Leslie Odom Jr. kicked things off with a breathtaking, goose-bump inducing performance, Gary Vaynerchuk took to the stage for one of the most supreme keynotes we have ever witnessed. The fire was raging from his soul as he shared some “serious fucking life and business lessons.” You could feel the inspiration pouring from the audience as Gary swore his way through a 45-minute session. The overload of practical advice is almost too much to share in one blog post, but here is our roundup of the top seven takeaways from his talk.

1)   Facebook should take up a majority of your marketing tactics.

Many businesses were put off by Facebook’s algorithm in recent years, as organic reach fell to practically impossible measures. They placed Facebook on the back burner and focused their money and energy elsewhere. Gary’s big suggestion: invest in Facebook and their $5-6/CPM rate now, because he predicts that number will rise to over $30 in just 36 months. Another reason to jump to Facebook is for the mad love it provides to video. Instead of spending millions of dollars on commercials that are unlikely to be watched, invest your dollars into creating shareable video, live or otherwise, on Facebook. $50 billion dollars is spent by the world’s largest brands on commercials; Gary attributes this to why the biggest brands have begun to crash and burn. “We are in the golden era of Facebook and Instagram marketing,” Gary states, and those who don’t take hold and adapt to this era will fall by the wayside. Gary also begrudgingly adds that Twitter Advertising is overpriced and you better be joking if you think about investing in banner ads.

2)   Fuck mass email marketing!

Gary spoke the truth when he said, “marketers ruin everything!” Though marketing automation has been a huge game plan for many these past few years, us marketers destroyed the concept and pushed our customers further away from email as we loaded their inbox with generic, mass produced communications. If you are working in the B2B space and still creating one-size-fits-all emails, you need to give your head a shake. As a B2B marketer or sales person, you should know who your customers are, the brands you want to sell to and even the buyer in that company. Cater your emails directly to their problems that you can solve and directly to that person you are looking to sell to. Not Dear {!Contact.Salutation} {!Contact.FirstName}.

3)   Why are you not taking better advantage of influencer marketing?!?

It has never been easier to connect with people and brands worldwide, and for those people and brands to share their go-to products and services with their audience. All it takes is a bit of research, a bit of effort, and sometimes a bit of your marketing budget. The return on influencer marketing is through the roof right now. Gary’s tip: Search hashtags that pertain to your business and find people that relate to that hashtag who have a following, and ask them to market your brand! The cost is minuscule compared to the returns.

4)   The market doesn’t care about your excuses!

If you want to be successful you can’t use your setbacks as excuses for your laziness. “Stop playing defense,” Gary says, “you need to play more offense.” Use what are often thought of as weaknesses as your strengths. Hustle hard and overcome your situations. If Gary can do it, we can too.

5)   Take chances with new and different platforms.

“What if I waste my time?” Guess what; Gary also made mistakes in his life too. He took Wine Library TV off YouTube after six months and focused his video efforts in the Vidley platform. Yeah, that didn’t work out but he managed to shrug it off and grow a multi-million dollar business. We need to have a lot more tolerance for risk. “But I don’t know how to use this new platform”. Well, it helps that we are all connected to this giant information highway called the internet. “I didn’t grow up with this shit; I figured it out!” Gary swears.

6)    Always be trying to put yourself out of business.

“If you sit here tonight, and you are doing well, you’re in trouble.” You should always be looking at ways to put yourself out of business, do that and you get to the disruption before your competition, or before the little guy in his garage with a five-year-old Mac hustling his way to disruption.

7)   Realize that we have never had it better.

The biggest takeaway Gary pushed for us to accept: we have NEVER had it better. Call your grandma, visit a nursing home, talk to older generations and re-calibrate your perspective. The trends in our society have changed. We are in the greatest golden era of life and business. Take hold of these benefits and experiences and hustle your way to success, before 20 years go by and you regretfully wonder, "What if?"

Of course, you have to watch the keynote yourself to really get a sense of the passion Gary launched on the #Inbound16 audience. Thankfully, it was one of the keynotes that Hubspot uploaded to YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!