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As an Entrepreneur, You Need to Fail Forward. That Way, When You Succeed They Call You an Innovator.

Babe Ruth. 

Baseball’s Big Bambino was one of the great success stories of the 20th century, right? After all, he set a home run record. But that isn’t the whole picture. He also set a record for strikeouts. 

Wait - what??

Batting .400 is considered fabulous in baseball. But what does that mean? It means you’re still striking out 60 percent of the time. 

This is something business people can learn from. 

You’re stuck in that cubicle at Global Widget, daydreaming about starting your own company. You’ve got a great idea. Maybe you’ve even done some market validation and it’s looking good. 

So what’s stopping you? 

The odds are it’s fear of failure.

Most people are so terrified of failing that they won’t take a risk. They won’t even talk about new ideas because they’re afraid they’ll look stupid.

But making a mistake isn’t the real mistake. The real mistake is NOT TRYING. 

Don't be afraid of fear. Use it to propel you and sharpen your senses. 

Because it’s not fear you need to overcome. 

It’s lack of courage. 

The riskiest thing you can do these days is play it safe.