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Stop Before You Start

Are you one of those folks currently making life-changing resolutions for a happier, more successful, year ahead?

If so, stop it. Just knock it off. Who are you kidding?  

Thirty-one percent of Canadians will set a New Year’s resolution, yet 73% eventually break them, according to a recent Ipsos poll conducted on behalf of Cadillac Fairview

Among the three-quarters who break their resolutions, 51% keep them for a while, 16% keep them for a short time, and 6% break their resolutions almost as soon as they make them. 

But there’s no point in even making goals unless you stop doing the same old dumb stuff first. You can only work smarter once you’ve cleared your desk and clarified your thinking. Because new initiatives require quality time and focus. 

Three bad habits to toss out:

One. Not setting priorities on your To-Do List
Most people bypass the important stuff to knock off the quick & easy. Stop doing this. You’re wasting time.

Two. Attending meetings that accomplish zippo
Most meetings are poorly planned and therefore underachieve. Beg off at least half of your invites – you will save a ton of time and be much more effective.

Three. Being a perfectionist. 
“Done is better than perfect” says Sheryl Sandberg of “Lean In” fame. She’s right. Progress, not perfection, means stuff is moving forward.

So here’s the deal:

Break bad habits.

Replace them with new, good habits.

Keep your resolutions. 

Kick ass in 2016!!!