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Here's your new KISS rule: Keep It Social Stupid!

Social marketing?  Drop the “marketing” part and you'll do much better building relationships for your brands and companies.  

Marketing pisses people off.  It pesters. It's pushy. It's selfish. It interrupts.  

Marketing is product-centric.  It wears the same tacky clothes it wore in the ‘70s.  The odor of mothballs chokes new thinking and creativity every time Buggywhip Global excavates last year’s marketing plan from the filing cabinet and revises it.

The alternative to marketing?

It's creating customer experiences that build brand relationships with “tribes” of people who share values and aspirations.  The modern marketer is customer-centric and is more like an anthropologist than a product manager.  Understanding the customer's culture is essential.

“Social media” is a term on its way to the dumpster. All media is now social in one fashion or another. 

Successful business builders know that brands must BE social and not just DO social media marketing. It's now about dialogue and conversation, not monologues. 

Jay Baer, in his book 'Youtility',  points out that customers now want more help and less hype from businesses.

This is a brilliant observation because when you help your customers win, YOU win.

Walk away from the marketing textbooks. Stop watching Mad Men for career advice.

Be social. Help your customers succeed.  

Your CFO will thank you. And when's the last time that happened?