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Success is Simple: Just Add White Water

Achievement in this white water world belongs to those willing to break a few old school rules while they re-imagine what success looks like.

Leaders today: the riskiest thing you can do is play it safe.

Conventional strategy is anchored in the school-of-fish mentality. Everyone swims in the same direction. But there is no longer safety in numbers. Compass readings of yore are no longer navigationally sound. Time to explore uncharted waters. Dare we say Blue Ocean

BTW, that huge iceberg just ahead on your starboard side?  The ancient mariners named it 'Status Quo'. 

When asked why Apple was so rebellious, Steve Jobs said: "Why join the navy when you can be a pirate?"  He threw the traditional by-the-book culture of the military and companies like IBM overboard in favor of his own 'think different' freewheeling style. 

Too bad that approach didn’t get him anywhere. Right?

Check out the recent success stories of Uber, Airbnb and Tesla.  Did these orgs set sail on the calm, placid Sea of Convention?  Nay, nay maties.  They chose the white water rapids of the frothy new customer-centric economy.  And they’re going for the ride of their lives!

Only the unconventional will survive.

Only the brave will thrive.

Make courage your oxygen in the new business world. 

And have fun!