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They're Called 'Brands' not 'Blands'

Ever notice how many brands you don’t notice?  Well, there are millions of them. Literally. And in this glutted brandscape, the wallflowers seem to be satisfied to just hang around hoping that maybe, just maybe, some busy buyer will ask them to dance.

But wishful thinking and bland brand personalities do not make for a chart-topping duet.  If brand strategies are not courageous and frankly kind of scary?  Your brand - and possibly your career - is heading for the remainder bin of non-performers.  

Stand out from the crowd. Take some risks or be lost in the flock of sheepish followers. 

Seth Godin explains in his landmark book Purple Cow that a leader is a leader because she did something remarkable.  If you are third or fifth in your brand category, please acknowledge that you’ll never make it to leader by being the same as everyone else.  Not going to happen. 

Understand what your buyer wants. Position your brand accordingly. Then make it easy for people to buy your likeable brand.

Be remarkable.

Be relevant.