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7 Key Takeaways from Gary Vaynerchuk's #Inbound16 Keynote

7 Key Takeaways from Gary Vaynerchuk's #Inbound16 Keynote

Inbound 2016 was electric upon its opening day as over 15,000 people gathered in Boston to experience a week of energizing keynotes, breakout sessions and entertainment. After Leslie Odom Jr. kicked things off with a breathtaking, goose-bump inducing performance, Gary Vaynerchuk took to the stage for one of the most supreme keynotes we have ever witnessed.

Be a Shift Disturber

As biz folks, you and I live in a world of hyperloop speed change.  And, yes, I do believe Elon Musk's invention will get people from San Fran to LA in less than an hour!

So here's the deal.  We can choose to relax in our comfort zones, confident that we will be “okay” as the future unfolds.  We can choose to believe that the ways we have done things in the past are “time-tested and proven”.  We can choose to play it safe.

Stop Before You Start

Are you one of those folks currently making life-changing resolutions for a happier, more successful, year ahead?

If so, stop it. Just knock it off. Who are you kidding?  

Here's your new KISS rule: Keep It Social Stupid!

Social marketing?  Drop the “marketing” part and you'll do much better building relationships for your brands and companies.  

Marketing pisses people off.  It pesters. It's pushy. It's selfish. It interrupts.  

Success is Simple: Just Add White Water

Achievement in this white water world belongs to those willing to break a few old school rules while they re-imagine what success looks like.

Leaders today: the riskiest thing you can do is play it safe.

As an Entrepreneur, You Need to Fail Forward. That Way, When You Succeed They Call You an Innovator.

Babe Ruth. 

Baseball’s Big Bambino was one of the great success stories of the 20th century, right? After all, he set a home run record. But that isn’t the whole picture. He also set a record for strikeouts. 

Wait - what??

Hey, They Bury People in Those Things!!!

We used to talk about the pyramid-shaped org chart. Lots of workers at the bottom with some moving up through increasingly rarefied air until you finally reached the king at the top.

Unfortunately, most companies are still structured that way.

They're Called 'Brands' not 'Blands'

Ever notice how many brands you don’t notice?  Well, there are millions of them. Literally. And in this glutted brandscape, the wallflowers seem to be satisfied to just hang around hoping that maybe, just maybe, some busy buyer will ask them to dance.